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Iqbal The Life Of A Poet Philosopher And Politician
By: Zafar Anjum
Price: Indian.Rs  699  
= PKR 1803.42
You Save : PKR 0
Special Price: PKR 1803.42
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How Democracies Die What History Reveals About Our Future
By: Steven Levitsky And Daniel Ziblatt
Price: UK.P  9.99  
= PKR 2272.6251
You Save : PKR 727.6251
Special Price: PKR 1545
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The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
By: Douglas Adams
Price: UK.P  8.99  
= PKR 2045.1351
You Save : PKR 1100.1351
Special Price: PKR 945
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Journey Through Pakistan
By: Mohamed Amin And Duncan Willetts
Price: UK.P  39.95  
= PKR 9088.2255
You Save : PKR 3093.2255
Special Price: PKR 5995
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How They Rule The World The 22 Secret Strategies Of Global Power
By: Pedro Banos
Price: UK.P  14.99  
= PKR 3410.0751
You Save : PKR 1265.0751
Special Price: PKR 2145
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New Perspectives On Pakistans Political Economy State Class And Social Change
By: Matthew Mc Cartney
Price: Indian.Rs  995  
= PKR 2567.1
You Save : PKR 0
Special Price: PKR 2567.1
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By: Marcus Aurelius
Price: US$  5.99  
= PKR 1077.3015
You Save : PKR 32.3015
Special Price: PKR 1045
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Mein Kampf
By: Adolf Hitler
Price: US$  7.99  
= PKR 1437.0015
You Save : PKR 372.0015
Special Price: PKR 1065
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Sapiens A Brief History Of Humankind
By: Yuval Noah Harari
Price: US$  22.99  
= PKR 4134.7515
You Save : PKR 1489.7515
Special Price: PKR 2645
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The Kite Runner
By: Khaled Hossein
Price: UK.P  6.99  
= PKR 1590.1551
You Save : PKR 495.1551
Special Price: PKR 1095
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TITLE :   Beadwork A World Guide
AUTHOR :   Caroline Crabtree and Pam Stallebrass ISBN :   9780500288016
PUBLISHER :   Thames And Hudson Ltd UK SET OF :   1
PRICE :  UK.P   16.95  = PAK Rs. 3856  TYPE :   Paper Back
YOU SAVE :   PAK Rs. 911    (SPECIAL PRICE :  PAK Rs. 2945)
DETAILS :   “This fantastic starting point for those beginning in the art of beadwork aptly covers the long record of the art form throughout the world.”—BooklistFrench mourning wreaths‚ Ukrainian Easter eggs, Norwegian bodices, Chinese slippers, Pakistani hair tassels, Egyptian belly-dancing outfits, Maasai wedding dresses, Sioux moccasins . . . from Greenland to Bali, beadwork from all over the world is illustrated and its history revealed. The earliest drawn glass beads were produced from around 200 BC in various locations in India and exported for centuries along the major trade routes to Africa and Asia. From the sixteenth century on, beads made in Europe became highly desirable trade items and spread throughout the world. This book is organized into five sections, with more than forty topics in all. Each of four main regional sections—Africa; the Americas; Europe; and Asia, Oceania, and the Arabian Gulf—outlines the history of beads in that area before examining production in detail. A fifth section surveys techniques, from brick stitch and herringbone weave to lazy stitch and three-dimensional structures. Includes information on collecting and conserving beadwork and a list of public collections around the world. 550 color illustrations


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