Naturally Beautiful The Complete Beauty Book
By: Ambika Manchanda
Price: Indian.Rs  500  
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Special Price: PKR 1010
The Secret
By: Rhonda Byrne
Price: UK.P  14.99  
= PKR 3059.459
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The Accidental Guerrilla Fighting Small Wars In The Midst Of A Big One
By: David Kilcullen
Price: UK.P  20  
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Special Price: PKR 2845
Diana A Princess Rememebered
By: Glenn Harvey
Price: UK.P  20  
= PKR 4082
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Special Price: PKR 1475
Viva Studymates Growing Workplace Champions How To Develop Coaching And Within An Organisation
By: Chris Sangster
Price: Indian.Rs  250  
= PKR 505
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Special Price: PKR 505
Churches Of Pakistan
By: Safdar And Javaid
Price: PAK. Rs  2500  
= PKR 2500
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Yucks Crazy Christmas Get The Giggles With Yuck
By: Matt And Dave
Price: UK.P  4.99  
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Special Price: PKR 475
Pakistan,s Intelligence Export House Of Terror
By: Sudhakar TAje
Price: Indian.Rs  795  
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More Lofts
By: Thomas Morrell
Price: US$  39.95  
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50s Fashion
By: Pepin Van Roojen
Price: US$  44.95  
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On Leadership Practical Wisdom From The People Who Know
By: Allan Leighton
Price: UK.P  8.99  
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Special Price: PKR 945
Kitchen Clinic Good Health Always With Charmaine
By: Charmaine D Souze,Rani Mukerji
Price: Indian.Rs  250  
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Jana Bibis Excellent Fortunes A Novel
By: Besty Woodman
Price: Indian.Rs  299  
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Textiles And Fashion Basic Fashion Design, Exploring Printed Textiles, Knitwear, Embroidery,Menswear & Womenswear 2nd Edition
By: Jenny Udale
Price: UK.P  23.99  
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Mirages Of The Mind
By: Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi
Price: Indian.Rs  499  
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Special Price: PKR 1007.98
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  "Bridge for the world Divided - Making Book Accessible And Knowledge Affordable"
  Saeed Book Bank
Book Sellers to the Nation - Leading Book Seller of Pakistan

Al-Rehman Centre, F-7 Markaz,
Jinnah Super, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone     : 92-51-2651656,57,58 (3 Lines)
Fax         : 92-51-2651660
Post Box  : 515, Post Mall, F-7, Islamabad.
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Saeed Book Bank at Islamabad, is the most beautiful and most modern book shop and also the largest showroom of books of the sub-continent, with covered area of over 24000 square feet; having an inventory of over 2,00,000 imported titles on all subjects. It is situated at Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz Islamabad, right in the heart of the capital city.
This is a complete book shop, worth visiting, where you can find the largest variety of all kinds of books, under one roof.



Saeed Book Bank Islamabad, is open all 7 days of the week from 10 A.M to 11 P.M


From the Airport, Rawalpindi Railway Station and Public Transport bus stand take a taxi for F-7 Jinnah Super Market, or take one of the buses/ Coaches that comes to that area.

From Motorway/Grand trunk (GT Road) or from any area ahead towards F-7/3 Sector and then for Jinnah Super Market, the center Porsche shopping area in the town.

A very large car parking for over 300 cars is available in front of Saeed Book Bank, where car parking is easily available at all times. Parking is free all day / night and on Sundays and holidays.




Northern most edge of Pothwar between Northern latitudes 33 .36 - 33. 49 and longitudes 72 . 50 - 73.24 east of Greenwich Area

Total Area 906.50 SQ.KM
Islamabad Proper 220.15 SQ.KM
Islamabad Park 220.15 SQ.KM
Islamabad Rural Area 466.20 SQ.KM
Specified Area 3626.00 SQ.KM

Season Max; Average Min; Average
Winter (Oct - March) 16.7 C 3.4 C
Summer ( Apr-Sept) 34.2 C 24.4 C
Annual 28.9 C 14.4 C
Average Rainfall 1143 milimetres
Population Present 1999: 5,24,500 - 1994: 3,40,286 - 1978: 1,65,000 - 1972: 76,641

Islamabad is located in the lap of crescent shaped Margalla hills, correctly recorded as ' Mar-I-Qila' which in Persian means " The hill fort of the serpent " Centuries ago this region was ruled over by Takkas who were Turanians by race and decedents of Zohak, the Iranian king having two snake like tumours on his shoulders. The takkas were snake worshippers and they founded Taxila the world known ancient centre of art and learning.
The ancient Taxila, now in ruins, lies on the western slopes of the Margallas while Islamabad the modern capital of Pakistan is located on the eastern slopes of the Margallas. In the ancient days Texila was the capital of the powerful Buddhist empire and attracted monks and missionaries, traders and various parts of the world. But then time and tide of natural forces knocked out Taxila and it remained buried under dust for several centuries. It was rediscovered just about a few decades ago during 1912-1920.
Along with the ancient Taxila a new Taxila is now coming up fast and that is the industrial Taxila. Today it can supply even the cement and sugar manufacturing plants as well as very heavy type of arms and ammunition including tanks. It is also known for eye operations and handicrafts.

Today Islamabad, through a city in the making , also attracts important personalities including Presidents and Prime Ministers almost from all parts of the world. And there is no doubt that the development of Islamabad will revive our centuries old historical and culture links with Afghanistan, Iran, Turky, the newly independent states of the Centeral Asia and the Mid. East as well. Communication links, highways and railways are being planned and development work may begin very soon.

Physical features of the Federal Territory exhibit a richness and variety which is continental in dimension. There are mighty mountains, verdant valleys, pleasant plateaus, fragrant forests, fertile fields, treacherous torrents and pretty plains. The area offers such a variety of topography which the physical forces could produce during the course of ages.

Federal Territory is dissected by eight rivers and several streams. Names of the major rivers are, the Soan , the Harro, the Ling, the Sarin, the Ghamlan, and the Tamrah etc. The Tamrah and the Harro, after their merger, were so force-ful that they were once known as the tiger of the east.

During the past few years many beautiful man-made lakes have been added to the landscape of the area. There is Tarbella on the one side and Mangla on the other. In between and around the city there are the Simly, the Khanpur, the Missriot, the Tanaza, and the Rawal lake. All of them have their own charms and attractions.

Besides these gifts of nature the area occupies a unique position in the history of civilizations. It was here, in was there, in this region, when man struggled against the strong and brutal forces of nature for his existence in the Soan valley during the Interglacial ages. The stone implements recovered from some of the terraces cut by the river Soan in the material deposited by the melting ice-field during interglacial phases provide a significant proof about the struggle for human survival which was staged here as far back as about half a million years ago.