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  The Luminaries
Price: UK.P  12.99 = PKR 2564.3559
You Save: PKR 1169.3559 Special Price: PKR 1395
  The Low Land
Price: Indian.Rs  499 = PKR 978.04
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 978.04
  Teaching And Learning Languages A Practical Guide To Learning
Price: UK.P  19.99 = PKR 3946.2259
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 3946.2259
  The Shadow Of The Crescent Moon
Price: Indian.Rs  499 = PKR 978.04
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 978.04
  Living Islamic History Studies In Honour Of Professor Carole Hillenbrand
Price: UK.P  75 = PKR 14805.75
You Save: PKR 3360.75 Special Price: PKR 11445
  Rumi Poet And Mystic
Price: UK.P  9.99 = PKR 1972.1259
You Save: PKR 727.1259 Special Price: PKR 1245
  Creating Tomorrow,s Schools Todays Education Our Children Their Futures
Price: UK.P  16.99 = PKR 3353.9959
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 3353.9959
  Rule Britannia
Price: UK.P  8.99 = PKR 1774.7159
You Save: PKR 1129.7159 Special Price: PKR 645
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Price: Indian.Rs  595
= PKR 1166.2
You Save : PKR 0
Special Price: PKR 1166.2
Understanding our past is of critical importance to our present.Many popularly held views about the past need to be critically enquired into before they can be taken as historical. For instance, what was the aftermath of the raid on the Somanatha temple.Distinguished historian Romila Thapar has inve

Book Image!  
Price: US$  26.95
= PKR 3164.1995
You Save : PKR 1169.1995
Special Price: PKR 1995
On 27 December 2007, after an election rally in Rawalpindi, a suicide bomber fired shots at former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto and detonated explosives strapped to his chest. In a country ruled more often by military dictators than by elected governments, Bhutto offered a secular, democr

Book Image!  
K P The Autobiography
By: Kevin Pietersen
Price: UK.P  14.99
= PKR 2959.1759
You Save : PKR 1564.1759
Special Price: PKR 1395
The fascinating life story of professional cricketer Kevin Pietersen, MBE, from his childhood in South Africa to his recent experiences as one of the leading lights in the world of international cricket. Kevin was dropped from the England squad in February of this year, seemingly calling time on an

Book Image!  
Flowers Of The Himalaya
By: Oleg Polunin And Adam Staintion
Price: Indian.Rs  695
= PKR 1362.2
You Save : PKR 0
Special Price: PKR 1362.2
This is the first book of its kind, helping the reader to identify the wild flowers of the Himalaya, from Kashmir and Ladakh to the Nepal-Sikkim border in the east. It contains descriptions of 1500 species and illustrations of over 1000 species, most if them in colour. The book also gives details of

Book Image!  
The Mughals Life Art And Culture
By: J P Losty And Malini Roy
Price: Indian.Rs  995
= PKR 1950.2
You Save : PKR 0
Special Price: PKR 1950.2
A facsimile edition of the much-acclaimed exhibition Mughal India: Art, Culture and Empire, curated by the British Library, London, The Mughals: Life, Art and Culture, brought to Delhi by Roli Books in collaboration with the British Library and IGNCA, showcases an extensive collection of illustrated

Book Image!   Big Ideas For Small Businesses
By: Norton Paley
Price: Indian.Rs  395 = PKR 774.2
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 774.2
Big ideas for Small Businesses provides you with the skills and tools to grow your business and shows you how to inspire your people to actively pursue opportunities for growth.Includes numerous case examples of start-up companies displaying ambition, courage, and persistence to achieve outstanding

Book Image!   Four A Divergent Collection
By: Veronica Roth
Price: Indian.Rs  399 = PKR 782.04
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 782.04
Fans of the Divergent series by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by Four: A Divergent Collection, a companion volume that includes four pre-Divergent stories told from Tobias Eaton's point of view. DIVERGENT - a major motion picture in 2014. Readers first encoun

Book Image!   Indlish The Book For Every English Speaking Indian
By: Jyoti Sanyal Martin Cutts
Price: Indian.Rs  395 = PKR 774.2
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 774.2
Review Enraged polemic though this book may be, it is also constructive,collected and funny. Where it is angry, it is righteous anger because the evils it condemns if left unchecked are likely to kill English as a truly expressive medium for journalistic and business writing in India. . . . This

Book Image!   The Language Of Journalism A Multi-genre Perspective
By: Angela smith and Michael Higgins
Price: UK.P  19.99 = PKR 3946.2259
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 3946.2259
The Language of Journalism aims to provide an accessible, wide-ranging introductory textbook for a range of students. The book explores the significance of a range of linguistic practices occurring in journalism, demonstrating and facilitating the use of analysis in aiding professional journalistic

Book Image!   The Conquests Of Alexander The Great
By: Waldemar Heckel
Price: Indian.Rs  350 = PKR 686
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 686
In this book, Waldemar Heckel traces the rise and eventual fall of one of the most successful military commanders in history. In 325 BCE, Alexander and his conquering army prepared to return home, after overcoming everything in their path: armies, terrain, climate, all invariably hostile. Little did

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