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  Path Of Blood The Story Of Al Qaedas War On The House Of Saud
Price: UK.P  12.99 = PKR 2651.259
You Save: PKR 1356.259 Special Price: PKR 1295
  Lola And The Boy Next Door
Price: UK.P  9.99 = PKR 2038.959
You Save: PKR 1243.959 Special Price: PKR 795
  Business Czarinas
Price: Indian.Rs  499 = PKR 1007.98
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 1007.98
  Dare To Dream Life As One Direction
Price: UK.P  8.99 = PKR 1834.859
You Save: PKR 939.859 Special Price: PKR 895
  The Blind Man s Garden
Price: Indian.Rs  550 = PKR 1111
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 1111
  The Woried Child Recognizing Anxiety In Children And Helping Them Heal
Price: Indian.Rs  295 = PKR 595.9
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 595.9
  Life Of PI A Novel
Price: UK.P  8.99 = PKR 1834.859
You Save: PKR 889.859 Special Price: PKR 945
  Cancer Causes Prevention And Treatement
Price: Indian.Rs  125 = PKR 252.5
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 252.5
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Twentieth Century Fashion In Detail
By: Claire Wilcox And Valerie D.Mendes
Price: UK.P  20
= PKR 4082
You Save : PKR 387
Special Price: PKR 3695
This glamorous book, part of the "V&A Fashion in Detail" series, illustrates the intricate details of twentieth-century fashion. Spectacular photographs, accompanied by expert commentaries and specially commissioned line drawings, focus on fanciful Dior bows, Chanel button-holes and metal sprinfs on

Book Image!  
The Last Word
By: Hanif Kureish
Price: UK.P  14.99
= PKR 3059.459
You Save : PKR 1464.459
Special Price: PKR 1595
This is the new novel from Hanif Kureishi: an outrageous, clever and very funny story of sex, lies, art and what defines a life. Mamoon is an eminent Indian-born writer who has made a career in England - but now, in his early 70s, his reputation is fading, sales have dried up, and his new wife has e

Book Image!  
Four A Divergent Collection
By: Veronica Roth
Price: Indian.Rs  399
= PKR 805.98
You Save : PKR 0
Special Price: PKR 805.98
Fans of the Divergent series by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by Four: A Divergent Collection, a companion volume that includes four pre-Divergent stories told from Tobias Eaton's point of view. DIVERGENT - a major motion picture in 2014. Readers first encoun

Book Image!  
Cauldron Spells
By: C J Busby,David Wyatt
Price: UK.P  5.99
= PKR 1222.559
You Save : PKR 647.559
Special Price: PKR 575
Get ready for more thrills, spills and spells in 2012! Max Pendragon is not looking forward to attending Morgana Le Fay's summer Spell School. Not only is his battered cauldron producing slimy sludge instead of perfect spells, but ever since he and his sister Olivia foiled evil Morgana's plot agains

Book Image!  
Price: UK.P  7.99
= PKR 1630.759
You Save : PKR 935.759
Special Price: PKR 695
You've devoured The Fifty Shades Trilogy.now it's time to embrace the forbidden pleasures of The Discipline. Young innocent nun Chloe Reynolds is collecting money for Brazilian orphans when she meets sophisticated playboy Carlos. When Carlos opens Chloe's eyes to the corruption behind the charity sh

Book Image!   India Wins Freedom The Complete Version
By: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Price: Indian.Rs  325 = PKR 656.5
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 656.5
One of the makers of modern India tells the story of the partition of India as never before, with intimate knowledge and feeling. India Wins Freedom has at last won its own freedom. The full text of this autobiographical narrative was confined, under seal, in the National Library, Calcutta, and in t

Book Image!   Oh Calcutta Cookbook
By: Anjan Chatterjee
Price: Indian.Rs  599 = PKR 1209.98
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 1209.98
Oh! Calcutta, the quintessential Bengali restaurant, is reminiscent of the grand old Calcutta-a city dotted with Victorian buildings, gentlemen smoking in horsedrawn buggies, elegant ladies twirling dainty parasols, and murmuring clubs. Besides the colonial charm, this much-loved institution brings

Book Image!   Taj A Story Of Mughal India
By: TTimeri N Murari
Price: Indian.Rs  295 = PKR 595.9
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 595.9
When his queen, Arjumand Banu - Mumtaz-i-Mahal, the Chosen One of the Palace - died, Shah Jahan wanted to build a monument that was the image of his perfect love for her. For twenty-two years, twenty thousand men laboured day and night to fulfil the emperors obsession. The result was the Taj Mahal,

Book Image!   Who Invented What When Over 500 Years Of Inventions
By: David Ellyard
Price: Indian.Rs  295 = PKR 595.9
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 595.9
Inventions are the stuff of dreams, quickly gaining widespread use, becoming central to our culture, and ultimately changing our lives.Combining curious and colourful anecdotes with intricate research, Who Invented When When introduces you to the technologies, inventions and innovations that have ch

Book Image!   The Friends Of God Sufi Saints In Islam Popular Poster Art From Pakistan
By: Jurgen Wasim Frembgen
Price: PAK. Rs  1295 = PKR 1295
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 1295
Within the Muslim world, Pakistan is a heartland of Islamic mysticism where this "path of love" is distinctive and especially alive in its popular manifestations. The inspirational vitality of Sufism and related forms of vernacular Islam is reflected in the life worlds of charismatic saints and myst

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