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  The Ottomans And The Mamluks Imperial Dipomacy And Warfare In The Islamic World
Price: UK.P  56 = PKR 11054.96
You Save: PKR 2609.96 Special Price: PKR 8445
  Israel And The World Powers Diplomatic Alliances And International Relations Beyond The Middle East
Price: UK.P  68 = PKR 13423.88
You Save: PKR 3878.88 Special Price: PKR 9545
  Hard Choices
Price: Indian.Rs  999 = PKR 1958.04
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 1958.04
  The Political Philosophy Of Muhammad Iqbal Islam And Nationalism In Late Colonial India
Price: Indian.Rs  595 = PKR 1166.2
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 1166.2
  An Enemy We Created The Myth Of The Taliban Al Qaeda Merger In Afghanistan 1970-2010
Price: UK.P  30 = PKR 5922.3
You Save: PKR 1977.3 Special Price: PKR 3945
  Threee Kings
Price: US$  25.95 = PKR 3046.7895
You Save: PKR 1401.7895 Special Price: PKR 1645
  Asia Pacific In World Politics
Price: Indian.Rs  695 = PKR 1362.2
You Save: PKR 0 Special Price: PKR 1362.2
  What Everyone Needs To Know About Islam
Price: US$  21.95 = PKR 2577.1495
You Save: PKR 932.1495 Special Price: PKR 1645
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Price: UK.P  14.99
= PKR 2959.1759
You Save : PKR 1664.1759
Special Price: PKR 1295
In September 2012, a Yougov poll conducted in Britain found that the person British workers would most like as their manager was Sir Richard Branson. With over 40 years in business, Richard Branson is an inspiring pioneer of humanitarian projects and an iconic business leader. In The Virgin Way: How

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Dance & Fashion
By: Valerie Steele
Price: US$  50
= PKR 5870.5
You Save : PKR 25.5
Special Price: PKR 5845
Dress and adornment have long played an important role in the visual allure of dance, and fashion designers have often been inspired by the way dancers look. The tutus and pointe shoes of the Romantic ballerina, for example, have influenced designers from Christian Dior to Christian Louboutin. Crist

Book Image!  
Price: US$  16
= PKR 1878.56
You Save : PKR 333.56
Special Price: PKR 1545
A "Financial Times" Best Book of the Year Forcefully persuasive, "The Dispensable Nation" is a game changer for America as it charts a course in the Muslim world, Asia, and beyond. Vali Nasr shows how the Obama administration missed its chance to improve U.S. relations with the Middle East by contin

Book Image!  
Price: UK.P  25
= PKR 4935.25
You Save : PKR 990.25
Special Price: PKR 3945
'On Jewellery' offers a comprehensive overview of the trends and role of contemporary international jewellery art from the 1960s to today, shown within the context of corresponding trends in art and society. This publication is dedicated to themes such as interdisciplinary collaboration, new means o

Book Image!  
Venus Envy
By: Louise Bagshawe
Price: UK.P  8.99
= PKR 1774.7159
You Save : PKR 1029.7159
Special Price: PKR 745
At twenty-seven, Alex Wilde feels like her life is going nowhere. She's stuck in a dead-end job and her relationship history is a tale of woe. What's more, she's put on a few pounds lately...Sharing a house with three gorgeous girls doesn't help. Her sister Gail got more than her fair share of the g

Book Image!   The Gallows Curse
By: Karen Maitland
Price: UK.P  6.99 = PKR 1379.8959
You Save : PKR 684.8959  Special Price: PKR 695
The Gallows Curse is a dark historical thriller, intelligently written and meticulously researched Brand new paperback cover look will grow Karen's readership' Maitland's richest yet: a breathless romp through an England rendered spiritually desolate. Bubbles over with the exploits of desperate pri

Book Image!   Winter Of The World
By: Ken Follett
Price: UK.P  7.99 = PKR 1577.3059
You Save : PKR 682.3059  Special Price: PKR 895
Ken Follett follows up his #1 "New York Times "bestseller "Fall of Giants "with a brilliant, page-turning epic about the heroism and honor of World War II, and the dawn of the atomic age. Ken Follett's "Fall of Giants," the first novel in his extraordinary new historical epic, The Century Trilogy, w

Book Image!   The Slow Cook Book Recipes For Both Slow Cookers And Traditional Ovens Pot Roasts Casseroles Hearty Soups
By: Heather Whinney
Price: UK.P  16.99 = PKR 3353.9959
You Save : PKR 908.9959  Special Price: PKR 2445
This title includes mouth-watering slow cook recipes from tasty tagines to fragrant curries. From pot roasts to North African tagines, celebrate the art of slow cooking with "The Slow Cook Book". The 200 recipes featured include all the more traditional slow cook dishes such as hearty stews and pot

Book Image!   Kashmiri Cuisine Through The Ages
By: Sarla Razdan And M J Akbar
Price: Indian.Rs  495 = PKR 970.2
You Save : PKR 0  Special Price: PKR 970.2
Kashmiri cuisine is one of the most delectable and ancient cuisines in the world because of the many foreign influences. People are still a trifle inhibited about cooking it, because, like any delicacy, it demands a delicate sense of the instinct after you have measured ingredients by the spoon or t

Book Image!   Kane And Abel
By: Jeffrey Archer
Price: UK.P  7.99 = PKR 1577.3059
You Save : PKR 627.3059  Special Price: PKR 950
They had only one thing in common...William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, one the son of a Boston millionaire, the other a penniless Polish immigrant - two men born on the same day on opposite sides of the world, their paths destined to cross in the ruthless struggle to build a fortune. The marvel

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